Welcome to the Community 3 Showcase!

          Community 3 – Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being is working to develop strategies, tools and actions to address the challenges of IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility.

The Community for Inclusion, Diversity and Well-being fosters cross-disciplinary interactions, new perspectives, services and programs, and works persistently to achieve Unite!'s key objectives. 


Divided into three expert teams, Community 3 provides approaches to ensure a strong sense of belonging for the Unite! community.

  • The  Inclusion and Diversity Expert Team  aims to provide all members of the community (students, academics and staff) with tools and strategies to help ensure that Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are upheld on campus and in digital and virtual environments through a common repository, various resources, and activities.
  • The  Well-being Expert Team  will work on a strategic framework to develop systemic, structural and sustainable approaches for building and maintaining resilience and Well-being for the Unite! community.
  • The third  Expert Team – the Welcome Group  develops resources and activities that specifically target students with the purpose of making them a part of this European University Alliance, to help them better understand it and its commitment, and to engage them in the continuity of the Unite! community.


This community is the keystone of change, driving the Alliance towards a more inclusive and connected approach. We are the voice that promotes the transversal implementation of inclusion, diversity and well-being in all communities, ensuring that Unite! provides an environment where everyone feels welcome, is respected and is able to participate.

Unite! Welcome Centre

The Unite! Welcome Centre is characterised by a virtual model that will simultaneously provide information to support new students, staff, and faculty, offering support information in the different virtual channels, such as the website and Metacampus, but also working directly with the different international offices to promote joint actions and new tools to improve the welcome of new students (both mobility and regular students) and new staff.  

This Expert Group is divided into 3 sub-groups: Welcoming Journey, Preparing Welcome Kits & Student Engagement.

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Unite! Virtual Inclusion Office

The Unite! Virtual Inclusion Office will be the central point of contact and information for all things related to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA). 

Our expert group is working on three main tasks: Diversity & Inclusion Common Repository, IDEA Training and the Diversity & Inclusion Certification Programme.

As well as sharing key outputs from our work, we are delighted to give you an insight into some of our current projects: The  Unite! IDEA Glossary   , the  21-Day Unite! IDEA Challenge,  and the  Unite! IDEA FAQs.

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Well-being Strategic Framework

The Well-being Expert Team works with students and staff to co-create, design, implement and evaluate well-being strategies within Unite! institutions. 

These collaborative efforts result in the creation of a comprehensive well-being guide, awareness campaigns, specialist training and programmes, and field trips to support and enhance the well-being of the student community.   

Our current projects are: Listing the Top 10 Well-being activities , identifying students needs through  Well-being surveys , developing  Well-being Buddies initiatives.

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