Welcome to the Well-being Strategic Framework! 


 The Well-being Expert Team works with students and staff to co-create, design, implement, and evaluate Well-being strategies within Unite! institutions. This collaboration results in the creation of a comprehensive Well-being Guide, awareness campaigns, specialist training and programmes, and field trips to support and enhance the Well-being of the student community.

     Unite! has identified Well-being as a key challenge to be addressed in universities in response to key societal challenges in this    area. Using a holistic approach, the Well-being experts will develop a framework for the whole Alliance. The Well-being Strategic    Framework will identify the core areas of action for Unite!. A plan to be implemented by the Alliance will be designed to cover     aspects of mental health. Based on discussions with a range of stakeholders, the framework will aim to inform institutional     decision-making and support ambitious change. This framework will provide a common core document to enhance support for well-    being and enable individual fulfillment.

   To understand the well-being issues and to be able to propose specific relevant policies and support services, the expert team will,     in the first phase, carry out analysis work on existing surveys in all institutions. Through this work, the team will be able to     understand and identify the key common well-being issues and how they affect academic life and people. These findings will enable    the team to identify appropriate actions in the most pressing areas to be addressed. Specific work will be undertaken to identify     metrics to measure the effectiveness of any interventions.

   The team of experts is working on a practical guide that will be accessible to the entire Unite! community. This guide will support     the implementation of individual and organisational well-being policies and initiatives. It will provide a broad understanding of well-    being and help develop life skills. The creation of a well-being guide will be in line with Unite!'s framework and vision for the future of    European universities. 

   In order to produce such a guide, the Well-being Expert Team has started by collecting all the activities and services that are    currently available in all Unite! institutions. The list of TOP 10 activities will help to identify those that can be easily replicated across    the Alliance. Some of these will be open to all Unite! members.

   Specific programmes and campaigns will be designed and delivered, both face-to-face and virtually, in line with the directions set     out in the Well-being Strategic Framework. These programmes will address the most pressing well-being concerns of the Unite!     community. 

   The first concrete training opportunity to be delivered is the Well-being Buddies. These Buddies are for Unite! community members    and will be run internally.

    If you would like to benefit from the buddies, please get in touch with the Unite! Well-being team.