Welcome to the Unite! Welcome Centre! 

During this interactive session we will cover 2 tasks of this expert team: Welcome Kits and Student Engagement. 

We want your input as the Centre will be available to everyone! 

  • Welcome Kits: Our goal is to have digital welcome kits available for faculty (academic staff), students and administrative staff. These kits will contain information that will help newcomers feel welcomed at our institutions. Access the “Welcome Kits” to find out how to get involved.

  • Access “Student Engagement” to find out about our upcoming events and have a look at the “Unite! Student Festival”.


      Our goal for this task is to define an annual calendar/framework with different periods/needs, according to the different study cycles     (working in collaboration with other WPs: attraction and recruitment with Cm9 Communication + pre-arrival; on-boarding with Cm5).


Preparing Welcome Kits

   We will develop 3 Welcome Kits depending on the target group: Student Welcome Kit, New Faculty Welcome Kit and New Administrative      Welcome Kit. Each welcome kit contains some of the most important items that new students will need for their first few days, and     new faculty and administrative staff will need to feel integrated. The kits also include information about Unite!, the campuses and the     Support services available at the institutions and within the alliance.

    We want your feedback! During the event in Wroclaw we will have 3 bags to symbolise the Welcome Kits and we will be asking for your     notes on the contents of each bag. If you are in Wroclaw, join us and let us know what you think! If you are joining us virtually, we have a        Jam Board for the same purpose. Add as many sticky notes as you like 😊

     These Events are designed to bring students into the Unite! community. This expert team will be responsible for organising joint     activities across all partners and a volunteering programmme for Unite! Students to engage and connect with civil society around social     issues. These will be pilot activities. 

   The Unite! Student Festival was one of the first events, organised in Lisbon in June/July 2023. It was a milestone organised by     Community 3 and Community 9. This event included several student initiatives, workshops and social gatherings. The aim of this festival     was to develop the Unite! student community.

    In addition to the Unite! Student Festival, in 2023 and 2024 this expert group will organise the “Unite! In and Out Sunset” in October, a     seed funding proposal for the volunteer program and the “Nightime Letter Writing” event , an idea presented by the winning team of     Unite!4Future which will be implemented in November 2024 and will take place simultaneously at all partner institutions.