Welcome the Unite! Virtual Inclusion Office!

First things first: Have you read the Unite! Diversity & Inclusion Charter

This is Unite!'s public declaration that diversity and inclusion are an integral part of its culture and shows its commitment to fostering an inclusive learning and working environment within our union. Diversity and Inclusion serve as guiding principles when making decisions, developing policies, and implementing programmes.

The Charter also ensures accountability, as all Unite! members have a responsibility to promote and maintain a safe atmosphere where harassment or discrimination have no place.

For us, the Charter provides the necessary framework for all our current and feature projects to promote equal participation and opportunities for all.

During the first phase of Unite! we compiled this very helpful toolkit for producing accessible documents, which includes the following guidelines:  

-   Unite! Guidelines to produce accessible documents

10 Tips for digital accessibility

Accessible Events checklist

By ensuring accessibility while producing outputs, creating environments, and disseminating information, we can create a more inclusive and user-friendly world for everyone, regardless ability or disability!

Think of our multilingual Unite! alliance: Many accessibility features benefit people who speak different languages or are not fluent in English. As a result, they improve communication, understanding and innovation for a more diverse community. 

We are now pleased to give you a look into our current projects and work in progress:


     To shed some light on the terms and concepts used in the Charter on Diversity and Inclusion we have created the Unite! Diversity &     Inclusion Glossary The glossary is constantly being expanded and updated. Please feel free to send us and suggestions or requests     for future entries.

     What do we mean by Diversity and Inclusion? Do you know the difference between stereotypes and prejudice? Take our Quiz below     to find out more!


     To complement our ongoing efforts to create and maintain an inclusive environment within Unite!, we are currently working on a low     threshold and fun way to engage as many Unite! members as possible on diversity and inclusion issues. 

    Launching in March/April 2024, our 21-Day Unite! IDEA Challenge will be a structured program designed to raise awareness, promote     understanding, and encourage action.


     You can share additional topics that interest you via this link:  https://forms.gle/oWp3QsQf6mKakXFo7

      Take a first look at how the training sessions could look like:

              .                   .                

                              Intersectionality.pdf                                   Inclusive Communication.pdf                                   Neurodiversity.pdf

     Help us help you!

    We are committed to diversity, inclusion and accessibility within Unite! We strive to provide important information, but recognise that is     difficult to anticipate all the needs of the Unite! Community. That's why we want count on you too help us set up a FAQs section.

  • Do you have a question about diversity, inclusion and accessibility in Unite! that you'd like to share?    
  • Can you easily find the information you're looking for?
  • Are you unclear about which issues fall under the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) umbrella?

   Whatever your questions are, they're important and we want to answer them.

   Leave us your questions here and we'll start investigating.  https://forms.gle/YC174uqKoDKv11CM8

   Frequently Asked Questions will be available on Metacampus.